My recent body of work does not have a main concept or theme beside the visual aesthetics that I've been developing and using.

Each artwork usually starts from an experimental process, just like a painter would doodle and through some painting into a white canvas, so am I doing it in the digital medium, searching until I reach a result that resonates to my emotional state of the moment.


Although free of a profound concept this series still finds the common elements of my art, showing a multidimensional composition of imposing images portraying the human figure and emotions as the centerpieces of the artwork.



This is a very personal series, created with the solo purpose of expressing myself and producing artwork based on my mind and emotional state of the moment.


Music has a huge role in my studio environment and my working mood, so I decided to name each artwork of this series after a song, I’m not trying by any means to portrait that music or artists, it’s just a reference of what I was listening to at the time.


That’s why the series title is “Sound of Silence”, a reference to the song but also an appropriate title for the series, challenging the public to “listen” to a visual artwork.

© 2019 by Diogo Landô