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I am not an NFT artist. I am an ARTIST who is also showing and selling art through NFT.


I joined the NFT community in March 2021.

I had the luck and the merit of living as a professional artist before joining NFTs, so I don't have a life changing story to tell you related to NFT.

I joined because of the amount of money and buzz I was hearing and then I fell in love with the technology, the community and the possibility to explore different digital techniques and creative options.


I work with digital collage, photo manipulation and digital painting, with an attention and purpose characteristic to Fine Art, taking a long period of time to explore and complete a final piece. My inspirations and subjects are very centered in the Human figure, emotions, identity, and time.

I avoid big trend subjects as I like to take my time with each artwork.


The NFT community has a very quick pace that turned out incompatible with the way I work, so after a lot of inner struggle I choose to accept the nature of my work and my process and keep dedicating my time first and foremost to studio productivity. That is the reason you won't find me daily on Discord, Spaces, Clubhouse, etc. 


My price range is set simultaneously in NFT and physical pieces.

Due to the lack of consensus regarding art evaluation methods and to the volatility of the crypto coins, my NFT pieces are always priced based in EUR on the day it's minted. Independent of the ETH value of that day.



My floor price is revised once a year, based on results and demand from both NFT and physical work, creating a more gradual but stable increase on the artwork and artist career.


I believe NFT is a revolution in the art world, introducing new artists and new collectors in a new way to deal with digital mediums and bringing legitimacy to digital art.



NFTs are NOT a replacer to traditional art galleries and avenues.

I see NFT as a new space in the art world. Where there was nothing, now there is something.

I believe the future has space for everyone, preferably working together and bringing up the best in the art world.


To the NFT community of artists, creators, collectors and enthusiasts: Although I'm not a very active social media person, I am consistently around and available to support , share and talk with anyone who wants to reach out - @dioglando


To show support for the community, I commit that for every unique NFT (1of1) sold, 20% will be invested in supporting and buying art from new artists.