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"My Life," A striking work of art by Diogo Landô, is an exploration of depth and duality within the confines of a multi-panel acrylic box. Originally conceived as a three-dimensional masterpiece, this limited edition print on couche paper beautifully preserves the sense of peering into the very soul of the artwork.


Landô's creative approach draws from an eclectic blend of artistic techniques, including photography, collage, classic art drawing, and digital painting. The centerpiece of the piece is a woman's visage, adorned with the powerful and evocative words "Always my Wife/Life." This clever wordplay not only hints at a profound and enduring love but also suggests a deeper connection to the essence of life itself.

My Life

  • Gicleé Print

    Limited edition of 30 

    Couche Paper 360gr with UV ink

    Hand signed and numbered by the artist




    * Shipping orders will commence on November 15th, with delivery times ranging from 3 to 15 days, depending on the destination country.

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